We had tremendous success with our Thermage Cellulite and Stretch Mark Studies.The results have been phenomenal, we were able to show longevity of results and dramatic improvement of the cellulite with the latest cellulite tip.

We have also had remarkable results with our study on Improvement of Cellulite with Topical Treatment of Cellulite M.D.cialis online Miracle Derrier™ Serum and Cream.With twice a day application we have had amazing results.  The picture below is just one patient’s results among 16.  100% of the patients enrolled in the trial saw improvement in the quality and severity of their Cellulite.

If you are interested you can enroll in a four month application.  This involves before and after pictures a 4 months supply of the treatment cream and serum.  There is also a $100 refundable deposit which is returned to you, after successful follow up, once a month for four months.

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